3rd Gen Trimming Bearing Pottery Tool

Common Goods Pottery updated the design on the 3rd Gen trimming tool after hearing feedback from potters who purchased the 1st & 2nd gen tool. The new tool has a tapered base that provides extra strength to the thin insert and reduces the chance of breakage which was reported as an issue in certain batches of the first-gen tool.  

This trimming bearing is a great tool for any wheel-throwers! It's designed to be used during the trimming/turning stage. It allows you to apply firm pressure downwards to secure the piece to the wheel without the fear of collapsing thin-walled vessels as the wider disc helps disperse downward pressure. Use this tool in conjunction with a sticky chamois pad, or by securing the pot down with the wet-rim method for a very fast workflow


Unlike trimming with a jar lid, or a one-piece trimming spinner where you can feel the friction between your fingers and the spinning tool, the bearing fitted on the inside makes each spin super smooth. This means you could keep a firm grip on the top portion of the tool without feeling the spinning bottom disc. It eliminates your hand movement, in turn, reduces the risk of shifting the pot.  

It also works as a guide to trim consistently sized base in small pots like bud vases or cups.

The top part in the new version is made to be easily removable. The top of the tool has a smooth and flat surface, which can be used as support when stamping the bottom of the pot to prevent cracking or collapsing the thin base. 

The colour of the product you receive might NOT be the same as the one shown in the photos. The specific colours are subject to availability. They will be made with the same type of plastic filament, so the functionality and durability stay the same. 


Materials used:

- 3D printed plastic

- metal bearing

- resin coating



- Do not allow the tool to sit in water, the bearing could become rusty

- If the bearing becomes rusty or the spins are less smooth, remove the top portion by simply pulling on it, wash the bearing with soap and water, let dry thoroughly, and place 1 small drop of sewing machine oil or vegetable oil inside the bearing, spin the tool to evenly distribute the oil.