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With Amaco Brent being closed there is a significant delay on when you may receive your Brent. If you're happy to wait then great! If you would like a wheel sooner consider looking at Shimpo Wheels or Pacifica Wheels.

Can handle 75 lbs. continuously!

• Indestructible bio-composite tabletop -- 100% reclaimed organic fiber combined with 100% recycled thermoplastic is strong, moisture-resistant, and corrosion-proof. The organic fiber used in construction is a natural by-product of the forestry industry so no additional wood has been depleted in the production

• Extended height legs adjust for tabletop/storage/portability -- Legs extend from 20" - 25" as a floor model or the extensions can be removed to convert to a 13" tabletop model.

• Legs are now standard diameter Brent legs that fit all Brent wheel attachments -- also powder coated for improved scratch and corrosion resistance. See "Wheel Accessories and Equipment".

• Electronic speed control with optionalreversing switch -- features a neutral "safety" position to assure smooth transitions when changing direction. Neutral position allows the wheel head to spin freely in both directions to be used as a banding/decorating wheel.