Coloured Clay - S-Series by Minnesota Clay Company

Minnesota Clay offers a selection of colored clays that are smooth, plastic and of a very workable consistancy. They may be used for overlay, inlay and accent decoration, or for throwing, handbuilding and colored engobes (if wet down to a slurry). Colors may be wedged into each other making a wide rage of colors available. The base clay may be added to vary the intensity of the hue.

Buy individually in 5 lbs increments OR

Purchase the kit for 0.5 lbs of all 10 colours.

Description A fine, tight body principally for the wheel.
Temperature Range Fires Between Cone 06-8, 1828-2280° F
Shrinkage Cone 05 - 7.5%, Cone 7 - 14%
Absorption Cone 7 - 0.6%
Texture Medium
Best Use Throwing
Color Black
Qualities Colors are pastel at Cone 06 and intensify at 6 .
Warranty Because of the unavoidable variations in the natural material used to formulate clay as well as the uniqueness of each customers use, firing techniques and kiln environment, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TEST–FIRE BEFORE USING IN PRODUCTION.