Monday Evening Variety Class (February)

Beginner Friendly Pottery Class Introducing you to both handbuilding and throwing pottery.

This five week pottery class teaches you how to throw on the potter's wheel, trim your pieces, handbuild with slab, decorating & glazing techniques. Open to all skill levels.

So you want to play with mud? Get your feet wet, or should we say your hands dirty, in the art of pottery? Whether you're new to clay or not, our mud-loving classes will leave you brimming with the possibilities of clay!

Monday February 28th
Mondays 6:30 pm to 9:30pm for 5-weeks 
Taught by Telfer Carpenter & Nick Edmond
Last Class April 5th
$265.00 (Includes clay +tools)
*Bring items for texture*
We'll loan some of our favourite items for texture, but to give yourself more options and variety bring some things for texture!
These can include:
*Leaves, Bark, Rocks, Shells, Acorns, Pinecones, Old pieces of lace or knit dishcloths, cookie cutters, stamps and so much more!*


Week 1: Handbuild with slab! No wheel required, handbuilding night is a perfect example of what you can accomplish with clay. We do projects that are easy to even do at home with just clay and a simple set of tools. 

Week 2: Handbuilding continued + Decorating techniques with slip & underglaze. Perfect for adding some oomph to your pieces making them uniquely yours!

Week 3: Throw! Take it from us: Throwing is fun! So we make sure everyone gets their own wheel and jumps right in on the first night. Our instructor will teach you the basics for throwing bowls, mugs and plates. You will spend a total of 2.5 hours throwing. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish! 

Week 4: Trim! A meditative part of practicing pottery. This is an opportunity to trim your pieces to perfection, add special details using what you learned in week 2 and attach items such as handles. 

Week 5: Glaze! One of the best parts! Choose from our selection of in-house glazes and commercial glazes, with lots of colours to choose from. Have fun experimenting with glaze combos and decorating!

Because we all want to create, but stay safe at the same time we have some new guidelines in place. Brush up on our class policies before registering: