Underglaze Pencils by Hobbyceram

Underglaze pencils are ideal for shading, fine line drawing or identification.

Directions: Apply the underglaze pencil to bisque ware to create a variety of unique decorative designs. After decorating, dust lightly with a brush to remove excess particles. Sponge on first coat of clear glaze lightly in order not to smear design. Let dry and brush additional coats of clear transparent glaze. The maximum firing temperature is cone 10 for blue, black, and green, cone 5 for brown and yellow, and cone 05 for rose.All colors are AP Certified Non-Toxic, except for blue.
Unlike regular pencils--care must be taken in sharpening. Do NOT use a pencil sharpener. It is best to sharpen them with a knife or blade. 

Excellent Quality. Made in Switzerland.