EVENING Wednesday Deep Dive Pottery Class - 8 Weeks

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This pottery course takes you into a deep dive of pottery making, planning and creating. This course is great for either beginners or those with a bit of experience. 

Wednesday August 30th
Wednesdays 6pm - 9pm for 8 Weeks
Taught by Multiple Teachers
Last class will be October 18th
(Includes clay during class time, use of tools, test tiles, note book & use of class glazes)
Our 8 Week Students Get a 10 Pack of Open Studio Drop Ins for FREE!



Week 1 & 2: Template Making & Handbuilding. This is where the planning starts! We'll learn how you can make your own templates with craft paper for handbuilding unique to you pieces. We'll also prep some pieces for test tile glazing and for decoration techniques the following week. Learning how to create templates for hand building is a valuable skill in creating your own original work and slab building is an easily transferable skill to creating pieces at home. We will use our templates to create unique slab built or coiled pieces. We love slab building as it gets you outside the round and is a technique you can use to create pottery at your kitchen table! 


Week 3: Glazing test tiles: This is where the planning starts! Before we commit glaze to our final pieces we will be experimenting with glaze combos on test tiles we've made as well as some pre-made ones! This will give us a better understanding of how our final pieces may turn out! Test Tiles will be a valuable experience to see what glazes will look like when combined together before you commit them to your final works. Your typical colour theory doesn't always ring true with glazes due to the chemicals in them and the firing temperatures they get to! We'll talk glazes, experiment with combinations and track our tiles in a pottery notebook provided for each student.
Week 4-7: Throw, Trim, Decorate! We will learn to throw on the potter's wheel and trim our pieces these nights. We'll also experiment with some alternative decorating methods using slip & underglaze.

Week 8: Glazing! Our test tiles will be out for us to see our original combinations and experiments. Refer to your note books to see which combos you love the most and glaze your favourite pieces in them to help re-create the glazed look!

Because we all want to create, but stay safe at the same time we have some new guidelines in place. Brush up on our class policies before registering: