Frank Lloyd Wren Nest Box

Inspired by the one and only, we think this prairie design nest box with a barrel vaulted roof and cambered sides would make Frank proud! Designed with Wrens in mind, to provide them with a safe, comfortable, cozy home that is also easy to clean. Make your wrens the envy of the neighborhood!

Each Frank Lloyd Wren nest box is handcrafted using natural stoneware and fired to 2000*F, making it entirely weatherproof. They will maintain their beauty in ice, snow or intense heat. No fading, no cracking. Measures approximately 8" x 7" x 5". Sides assembled with sustainable bamboo wood.

Handcrafted in Kingston, Ontario by one of our awesome team members at Amaranth Stoneware. Weatherproof stoneware, lead-free, safe and natural! We are proud of our Canadian made products, and hope you take pleasure in our art.