Friday Afternoon Wheel Class (Oct-Nick Edmond)


This five week pottery course teaches you how to throw on the potter's wheel! Open to all skill levels.

So you want to play with mud? Get your feet wet, of should we say your hands dirty, in the art of pottery. Whether you're new to clay or not, our mud-loving classes will leave you brimming with the possibilities of clay!

Friday November 5th
Fridays 3:00 pm to 6:00pm for 5-weeks 
Taught by Nick Edmond
No Class December 3rd
Last Class December 10th
$235.00 Class Only
$265.00 (Includes one full bag of clay +tools)


Week 1-4: Throw! Take it from us: Throwing is fun! So we make sure everyone gets their own wheel and jumps right in on the first go. Our instructor will teach you the basics for throwing bowls, mugs and plates. Each class you'll get muddy till for 2.5 hours before you start cleaning up! You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Week 5: Glaze! One of the best parts! Choose from our selection of in-house glazes and commercial glazes, with lots of colours to choose from. Have fun experimenting with glaze combos and decorating!

Because we all want to create, but stay safe at the same time we have some new guidelines in place:

1) Tools can no longer be shared. You can either bring your own set of tools or choose the tool & class option to save & start your own collection! These are tools for you to keep!

2) Dress for the mess! We can't provide aprons. If you would like to keep your clothes as clean as possible please bring a towel or apron with you, Extra points if it says "Kiss the Cook".

3) To maintain physical distance guidelines we've rearranged our classroom so everyone can create and be safe. You will each have your own station and please don't share tools with students outside of your household. Even if you tell them to go long!

4) The clay is yours! Every student must purchase their own clay. We'll have suggestions of 2-3 types of bags of clay which will work well with our class glazes. First bag is $15 and additional bags are $20. Please be selfish and keep your clay to yourself! For once sharing is NOT CARING. Bags of clay are 25lbs. The average bowl clay weight is 1-2 lbs.

5) Every 5 week student will be given a crate for storage. That way you can leave your clay and tools here for the following class!

6) We will have an intermission during the class to allow everyone a break for fresh air and move around.

7) Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with someone with Covid-19. We'll arrange for an alternate experience as a makeup for you.

8) Per sec.22 masks must be worn. We also have sanitized face shields available for all students who wish to have one.

9) You may notice an increase in our 5 week class price from $225 to $235. We've applied this fee to cover the extra costs during Covid-19. We hope you understand and can continue to get safely muddy with us!

We only allow up to 8 students in a class, so they fill up fast!

You can pay in full online or in person to hold your spot!

Any questions give us a call 613-541-1156, email or drop into our studio.

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