Red Copper Oxide (Dry)

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Red copper oxide (Cu2O) is a reddish powder that is a reduced form of black copper oxide that produced by heat-treating the black form. It is used as a colorant in many ceramics applications, including the preparation of slips and glazes. Red copper oxide will maintain its structure and produce reds in reduction firings. However, red copper oxide has a low solubility in water and beads up at the surface of a solution, which makes it difficult to work with at times.

Suggested concentrations of copper in the preparation of slips and glazes are as follows:

In slips: 2 - 8%
In glazes: < 5%

If concentrations above 5% are used, glazes often change to a metallic pewter/black.

Red copper oxide is harmful if swallowed and a potential skin and respiratory tract irritant. Please use protective coverings when handling this substance.