Standard 4 Extruder

The Bailey Standard 4 Extruder is designed to extrude small to medium sized clay forms. The barrel is permanently welded to the drive frame and cannot be changed. It is made of mild steel and should be cleaned and dried when not in use to minimize rust. If working in porcelain, you may consider the stainless steel version of the Bailey Standard 4 Clay Extruder (M-500-011). The Plunger Arm assembly features an extra long handle and movable shackle for the best leverage while extruding. The Standard 4 Clay Extruder comes with wall mounting hardware, 1 coil die and 2 blank die plates.
Extrusion Range: Small single solid clay coils and handles, hollow tubes up to 2" square or 3" round.
Barrel Capacity: 11 lbs of clay
Die Plate Dimensions: 5" x 6"
Brace: Standard Die Brace (M-500-026)
Recommended Die Kit: Standard Die Kit (M-500-023)
Mounting Options: wall mount, Standard Table Mount (M-500-004)