Tuesday Night Variety (Jun/Jul)

This five week pottery course gives you the full pottery experience! Spend an equal number of nights learning how to throw on the wheel, hand-build and decorate pottery!  

 So you want to play with mud? Get your feet wet, or should we say your hands dirty, in the art of pottery! Clay is fun, versatile and limitless to what you can make!



Week 1: Sculpt! Learn how to make pottery using hand-building techniques. Our instructor will teach you how to work from a slab to build beautifully textured mugs (or anything else you can imagine!)

Week 2 & 3: Throw! Learn how to throw on the wheel or practice an already existing skill. Our instructor will teach you the basics for throwing bowls, mugs and vases. Each class you will spend a total of 3 hours playing around and learning the basics of making pottery on a wheel. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Week 4: Decorate! Learn how to give your pottery the wow-factor, using surface techniques to achieve patterns and graphic images using coloured clay and underglaze.

Week 5: Glaze! The best part, in our opinion. Choose from our selection of in-house glazes and commercial glazes, with lots of colours to choose from.

Includes everything: clay, glazes, and firings. All you have to bring is your creativity! 

Taught by Ruth Adams, Sarah Hamelin and Monika Tan 

Starts Tuesday June 12th, 2018           
Tuesday nights 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm for 5-weeks 

Our classes fill up fast so you can pay in full or place a deposit online to hold your spot! Any questions give us a call 613-541-1156, or drop in our studio and read our Class Policy.