Kiln Rental


Starting January 2021 we will only be accepting pieces from those with relative experience. For example: 5 week students, Guild or Collective Members, SLC Ceramic Students or Potters who are new to the area.

*Please know that Amaranth Stoneware cares about you and your finished product. We will do everything in our power to make sure you receive a beautiful finished creation, but ultimately are not responsible for any loss, damaged or broken pottery. Should there be any glaze spillage a damaged kiln shelf fee will apply.* Sometimes we may need to refuse to fire pieces, at our discretion.

A) Fill out our firing form and submit your pieces with the questions filled out.

B) Provide the following information on a sheet of paper and submit it with your pieces:

Date, Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Number of Pieces, Bisque or glaze firing and any special instructions.

You can put the pieces outside of our studio for us to collect! Once they are fired we'll contact you to pick up!

Please be respectful when dropping your pieces off. Remain outside and keep a distance while we collect or return your pieces.

Once your pieces are fired we will invoice you the number of shelves and you can currently pay over the phone or through the invoice link!

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have a lot of experience loading and unloading kilns here at Amaranth and can certainly burn a bowl for you! Test tiles are always FREE!

Rent a shelf, measuring  20" x 6"


Rent a whole kiln, measuring 7cu ft.