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amaranth history

It All Started...

in a garage in South Eastern Ontario over 25 years ago. Now in our own studio space open to the public we've grown to hosting classes and retailing pottery supplies. We started by creating handmade and durable garden signs. Now with a public studio we welcome everyone into our space. We’re happy to share our knowledge and help everyone get muddy.


Mission & Promise:

With determination to grow and never wither we are dedicated to providing superior customer service and the best quality pottery products. Firing to 2000*F leads to hardy, yet elegant pieces that maintain their beauty in ice, snow or intense heat. No fading. No cracking. We are proud of our Canadian made products, and hope you take pleasure in our art.


Eco and Social Commitments:

With Natural Handcrafted products Amaranth joins millions of socially and environmentally conscious people. Proud to be Canadian and promoting use of our local economies is dear to us while we also strive to produce our eco friendly products.


Why the Name Amaranth:

"One that does not wither". This all encompassing plant provides dye, paper, vegetables and grains, as well as unfading beautiful blooms. Amaranth is a valuable plant, so hardy it is treated as a symbol for immortality. These traits of durability, beauty, determination and variety reflect what we strive to accomplish at Amaranth Stoneware.