Questions About Us:

1. Where is everything made?

All of our stoneware products are made by hand in our studio in Kingston, Ontario! Our studio is open to the public, including a retail sales area for pottery supplies and our handmade stoneware for garden, kitchen and home. Check out our store hours and location here.

2. Who makes the stoneware?

We're a team of potters and creators. We all bring our skills together to be Amaranth Stoneware! You can check out more about the people behind the stoneware here.

3. How is everything made?

We make everything by hand. Products are either thrown on the wheel or hand-built. We let everything dry then bisque fire to 2000* F. This make our stoneware super durable! We then glaze and fire again.

Shipping Questions:

1. How much is shipping?

If you're ordering Amaranth pottery for yourself and not your company our flat rate is $15 per order. No matter where you are in the USA. We ship by post or courier. If you are ordering pottery supplies like clay or glaze we can ship most orders for $25.95 but charge by weight for heavier items. Please call us if you have questions.

If you need courier just talk to us and we'll work together. If you're ordering for your store as a wholesaler we charge 14% of your order. Wholesale shipping is a minimum of $15.00. We collect this payment after you place your order.

2. How often do you ship?

We ship once a week at Amaranth Stoneware. Normally on Thursdays, but that can change depending on the wonderful weather we Canadians have in Winter.

3. How do I deal with getting your products over the border?

EASY! You don't! We do all that work, so you don't have to worry about a thing. If you want to learn more about how we do it call us or e-mail. We're real people here at Amaranth and sometimes answer the phone out of breath because we just raced to it.

4. Who do you ship with?

If your order is just for you we ship by post. If you need courier shipping just contact us and we'll work together. If you're ordering for your store as a wholesaler we use both UPS and FedEx.

5. How do the products come?

We try to practice the 3 Rs here at Amaranth. That means we reuse paper for shipping by shredding it. We also will reuse boxes when possible. If you have any other questions give us a call!

6. I need gift wrapping! Can you do it for me?

You bet! Let us know in the notes or tell us over the phone or by e-mail. We'll use our super pretty papers and our amazing wrapping skills just for you and try to personalize it as much as possible.


1. How do I return an item?

We honor returns up to 30 days from purchase and with the receipt. Returns are prepaid by you. If you have any questions about returning a product talk to us we're happy to help here.

2. I received an item that's broken, not the correct item, or missing a piece. What do I do?

Contact us of course. Either by phone or e-mail at Clay@AmaranthStoneware.com. We'll replace anything you need replaced or re-ship what you may need.

Purchasing and Sharing Information:

1. I don't want to enter in my credit card details. What can I do?

Just call us at 613-541-1156 or toll free at 800-465-5444. We can talk with you about the weather in Kingston and also take your order over the phone.

2. You make me enter in my e-mail and phone number. Are you sharing this with anyone else?

Absolutely not. We would not trade your information for anything in the world, not even Girl Guide Cookies! Your information is kept safe and sound by us and only used in our office to contact you.


1. How do I become a distributor for your products?

Easy go to our wholesale inquiries & login by clicking here. It has an area to place all of your information to e-mail to us and all of our information on being a distributor.

2. Do you make exclusive products for companies?

That can certainly be discussed! Contact us by e-mail or calling is best to discuss what you'd like.


1.  What's your return policy?

Of course we're advocates for what we make, but we're not out of this world when we say our products are super durable. In the case something does break when it arrives to you or you need to return it please contact us. We will gladly provide a merchandise refund, exchange, or replacement for your order within 30 days of receipt. We also ask that you help us do a better job and let us know where the breakage was, how it was shipped to you, where it was stored ect. We ask these types of questions to improve our shipping, so that you never have to worry about receiving another product that has been damaged during its journey to you.

2. How do I return an item?

Talk to us is step 1. You can do so by either emailing  Info@AmaranthStoneware.com or call us at 1-800-465-5444. You can even tweet, FaceBook or mail us. Whatever you're comfortable with. From there we ask you a couple questions including your choice of reimbursement (replacement, exchange, or return). We have a form you can place in the box with your merchandise before shipping reminding us of all these details. Allow two weeks for us to receive the product. From there you'll see the appropriate changes made. Either by receiving a new tracking number or the reimbursement on your credit card.

3. I'm pretty sure my product isn't right and is a factory error.

Holy Guac! If that's the case contact us. We'll replace it for you!