Employee Profiles

Our team:

Jo-Anne and Gerald Warren

Jo-Anne and Gerald, the creative foundation, own and operate Amaranth Stoneware. Together they have seen through the growth of Amaranth Stoneware. Jo-Anne who comes from a gardening background has helped create with Gerald an extensive line of gardening pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Preferring to call themselves designers and craftsmen, Jo-Anne and Gerald are inspired by what surrounds them. They are “tinkerers” who try to improve on the standard, explore uncharted grounds and challenge what’s expected.

Lucy & Boodles Warren 

The welcoming party at Amaranth Stoneware. When you step into our studio you’re bound to be met by Boodles and Lucy. During quiet production hours they are bound to be sleeping on one of their beds or the chair that is meant for customers. 


 Evelyn Kembel 

Evelyn is the one organizing classes, workshops, and keeps our website up to date. Want to see a certain workshop or have a favourite potter you'd love to learn from? Let Evelyn know. Also prepare for bad jokes if you speak with her. She loves calling Monday: Mudday. "




Catherine Morin

Carole McNeil


Carole plays well with clay, but not the general public, so we hide her away. She has been with Amaranth since our days in downtown Kingston when we were located above Vandervoorts Hardware Store. Carole is an avid guerrilla gardener. Thanks Carole!



Creator of lipstick Thursdays. Shannon is a bubbly employee who brings light into a room. The warmth of her personality is hotter than our kilns!