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Employee Profiles

Our team:

Jo-Anne and Gerald Warren

Jo-Anne and Gerald, the creative foundation, own and operate Amaranth Stoneware. Together they have seen through the growth of Amaranth Stoneware. Jo-Anne who comes from a gardening background has helped create with Gerald an extensive line of gardening pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Preferring to call themselves designers and craftsmen, Jo-Anne and Gerald are inspired by what surrounds them. They are “tinkerers” who try to improve on the standard, explore uncharted grounds and challenge what’s expected.

Bob and Lucy Warren 

The welcoming party at Amaranth Stoneware. When you step into our studio you’re bound to be met by Bob and Lucy. During quiet production hours they are bound to be sleeping on one of their beds or on top of all the packing material.

Sarah Hamelin

This fellow sculptor feels right at home working with clay all day. She'll reluctantly admit... she even likes pugging it! Check out her line of functional work and fine art portfolio.

Tracy Pyke

Tracy has the muscles, charm and intelligence to accomplish in a day what very few can! If you ever forget her name, she also responds to "Wonder Woman."

Monika Tan 

She’s our in-house field biologist and outdoor enthusiast! Monika is a real renaissance woman, with both a background in science and an abundance of creativity as a potter and knitter. Check out her work here.

Nick Edmond

An aspiring potter himself, you'll likely find him doing a little bit of everything in the studio - from throwing clay to moving tons of clay (literally!)

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