Slab Mats - Various Sizes

SlabMat is an alternative to textured canvas to use when rolling slabs. This non-woven fabric-based material produces a very smooth slab surface. The photo to the side shows a SlabMat on top and a standard canvas below.

SlabMats can be used with Bailey Slab Rollers the same way that canvas is used. For small slabs, one long SlabMat can be folded in half and the clay sandwiched in between but please note that once a SlabMat is folded the crease will be permanent. For longer slabs, use 2 SlabMats with the clay in the middle. If it is only important that one side of the slab is smooth you can use one SlabMat on top and a canvas on the bottom as shown in the picture. Always remember to flip the top SlabMat backwards over the top roller (the same as you would canvas) before you roll your slab. This will prevent the SlabMat from bunching up and wrinkling on the way through the machine.

SlabMats can also be used to roll slabs with a rolling pin for a smooth surface on both sides.

Buy separate SlabMats for each color clay to prevent contamination. You may wipe the surface with a damp sponge, but do not saturate it with water. Allow the SlabMat to dry completely before use.

It is best to remove the clay slab soon after rolling because prolonged wetness may cause the SlabMat surface to become wavy. Store SlabMats flat. To extend the life of SlabMat, avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight.