We're always asked "Whats the best flowers to plant for bees?" (...Because, if you haven't heard, our helpful bees are significantly declining in numbers!)

Making your garden Bee-Friendly will benefit both the bees, and the humans. 

One of the best ways to help is to plant flowers and flowering herbs in your garden that bee's LOVE. It's safe to say anything with vivid colours in purple, blue and white will do. Planning a garden that blooms through all seasons, ie. late spring to early fall, is also necessary to keep bees happy and healthy all year.

Try to choose at least one plant for each season!

In addition to helping them out with food, you can also help them safely access water. Bees need a safe "landing pad" in order to drink water without drowning. Our Bee Waterer is perfect for attracting them and providing a safe landing.

Helping the bees helps humans! We've gotta give it to them, they help us eat (they're responsible for pollinating 70% of crops - chocolate included) so we should help them eat, too!

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