Bailey Single Vent System

All kilns should be vented to the outside.

The Bailey Single Fume Vent System is a direct fume system designed to pull fumes from the firing chamber before they can leak into the studio. There are 3 major benefits to this type of vent:

Maintains a safe work space free of unpleasant and potentially hazardous fumes.
Improves firing results- a clean atmosphere produces brighter colors and better surface finishes.
Extends kiln life- by removing fumes immediately from the firing chamber, elements, electronics and the kiln jacket are protected from their corrosive effects.

A single small hole (approx 3/8”) is drilled in the back wall of the kiln between the 1st and 2nd row of bricks (up from the floor), opposite the spy holes. During firing, the top spy hole (only) is kept open as the air intake and the fumes are pulled down and out of the kiln. The motor/blower unit is mounted on the studio wall, away from the heat of the kiln, and a 4” x  8 Ft flexible high heat hose is provided to connect the kiln to the blower. A second 8 Ft hose connects the blower exhaust to a 4” Dia vent kit similar to the type used for a clothes dryer (included). All required collars, hose clamps and hardware are included. The Single System can vent kilns from 2 to 10 Cu Ft in size.

The Single Vent System Includes:

75 cfm Blower Motor unit with wall mounting bracket, 13 Ft power cord with standard 120 V plug and in line ON/OFF switch
(2) 4” x 8 Ft flexible high heat hoses
(1) hose mount collar to connect hose to the kiln wall
(1) collar to connect the exit duct to the blower
(3) hose clamps
4” outside vent kit

Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.