Black Wax Resist (16 oz) by Aftosa/Leslie

Wax Resist is a waxy substance used to prevent slips and glazes from adhering onto the clay body. The resist can be used both under or over underglazes, glazes, and slips to create designs. Works excellent with a slip trail bottle.

Following your design our black wax resist leaves a black oxide line when fired. Fire cone 06 –- cone 8. If fired higher, the black will fade and then disappear altogether at Cone 10. Thinning is not recommended. Allow to dry for at least two hours before firing or applying a second coat. To darken the line from gray to black use a clear overglaze.

To use: Pour a small amount into a separate container, use as needed and then dispose of excess. DO NOT pour used wax back into the orginal container. Clean up with warm soapy water. To help with cleaning brushes dip your brush in liquid soap and then wipe off excess before using!

 Leslie Ceramic Supply Wax Resist formally known as Aftosa Black Wax Resist