Extra 22" Mini Might Slab Sheet

This Slab Sheet is specifically configured? For use with the 22" Mini Might slab roller. It consists of (2) 22"W x 24"L pieces joined at one end to keep top and bottom aligned when rolling clay through the slab roller. Get extras to use with different color clays.

Slab Sheet is an alternative to canvas for use with slab rollers. This synthetic material produces a smooth clay surface with no canvas texture. It is porous on one side to prevent the clay from sticking while the shiny smooth side faces the rollers. Slab Sheets are more rigid than canvas or Slab Mats and do not fold easily. For a clay slab that is smooth on both sides, two panels can be run through the machine with the clay in between. If only one smooth side is necessary, one Slab Sheet can be used on the top with one canvas on the bottom.?

Usage:? This material is like a synthetic heavy paper with no texture and a smooth water resistant backing. When you handle the Slab Sheet, make gentle bends and do not crease it.? If you crease the material, it will cause a tear point at the crease.? Don't cut on top of your Slab Sheet with needle tools or knives as you may permanently score the surface.?

When you roll slabs, you should remove the clay slab from the Slab Sheet shortly after forming. Leaving clay on the Slab Sheet for long periods will saturate the surface with water and cause the clay to stick. When the Slab Sheet becomes wet enough to cause sticking (after running a number of slabs), let the material dry out. Slab Sheets should be stored flat and will last for years.