Glaze Crystal Sample Pack (12x1oz containers) by Spectrum

 The glaze crystals are all lead free and dinnerware safe. They are suitable for a large range of temperatures, from cone 06 to cone 10.

The higher they are fired the more they will spread out and move around. Crystals can best be applied to the final coat of a glaze while it is still wet or mixed into the final coat of the glaze and brushed on with the glaze.

Glaze Crystal Sample Pack Includes the Following Colours:

CR01 Cobalt Blue

CR02 White

CR03 Yellow

CR04 Dark Brown

CR05 Reactive Brown

CR06 Green

CR07 Maroon

CR08 Reactive Blue

CR09 Reactive Green

CR10 Pewter

CR11 Gold

CR12 Clear

 ** We have access to Spectrum's whole line of glaze. If you're looking for something that's not on our website, contact us! We'll have your glaze ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.