Medex Bat 12" by Speedball

Speedball’s Medex bats offer the greatest durability of all wooden bats and show very limited warping or chipping.  This bat is an ideal alternative for potters who prefer to work on wooden bats, but who enjoy the longevity offered by plastic or plaster.  

These bats are made from premium MDF board with no added formaldehyde. They are slightly absorbent, very resistant to warping and tough! Their 3/8" thickness makes them extremely rigid during removal from the wheel. Medex is an environmentally sensitive product utilizing 90% recycled wood fibers. Holes drilled are 10" apart.

Instructions for care: Do not submerge or saturate in water, this will cause them to warp and delaminate. Wipe clean with water-soaked sponge and dry with a towel. Lay it flat to dry.