Orton Vent Master

All kilns should be vented to the outside.

Orton received the Original patent in 1988 for Downdraft venting of Electric Kilns.

Today they offer the “VentMaster”. Easy to install, it prevents fumes from entering the workspace, makes sure there is enough oxygen in the kiln for colors to fully develop, improves the temperature uniformity inside the kiln and helps increase the life of the heating elements.

The VentMaster can vent a single kiln up to 12 Cu Ft in size. An Expansion Kit (C-137-011) can be purchased to use the system for 2 kilns totaling less than 20 Cu Ft or 1 large oval kiln between 12-20 Cu Ft.

Holes are drilled in the lid and floor based on the size of the kiln. The collection cup is installed under the kiln and connected to the blower motor by the 4 Ft high temp hose provided with the unit. A cap closes off the 2nd inlet when only one kiln is vented. The Blower Motor/Housing can be placed on the floor or mounted to the studio wall and plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet. If the distance from the Collection Cup needs to exceed 4 Ft, additional 3 Ft sections of hose can be purchased (C-137-012). Distance from Collection Cup to the Blower must never exceed 25 Ft. It is better to run the 4” exit duct further if necessary.

Venting materials to carry the fumes from the blower to the outdoors must be provided by the customer. Up to 60 feet of 4” diameter duct containing four 90° bends may be safely used with no drop in static air flow at the duct exhaust point or a reduction in draw at the kiln. Ducting can also make straight vertical climbs, as exhausted fumes will be warmer than room temperature and will rise naturally. Suitable ducting materials include: PVC, heavy duty flexible aluminum duct, and galvanized metal straight pipe for longer runs.


73 cfm Blower Motor and Housing
4 ft. length of 2” diameter high temperature hose
Cast aluminum collection cup with spring loaded and threaded pedestal
Instruction manual
Kiln safety manual
¼” drill bit
Vent cap
Samples of Orton Self-supporting pyrometric cones
Cones and Firing pamphlet

Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping