Pottery Bat System by Bat Man

The Pottery Bat Throwing System is designed and created by a local potter in Eastern Ontario who goes by the name of "Bat Man." Waterproof, professionally constructed and easy to use for throwing!

The beauty of this system is how fast you can insert and remove your bats on the wheel for quick and easy throwing. Choice of 6" or 8" squares save on storage space in a production pottery studio. The EXTIRA board helps wicks water from the bottom of your form, allowing for a clean release without wiring off.

Constructed of 1/2" thick, waterproof EXTIRA board, allowing it withstands warping from water. With proper cleaning and maintenance, this unit has been proved to last over 6 years (and counting!) with no warping. Just never submerge in water for long periods of time.

The Pottery Bat System includes a Master Bat, plus six 6" square OR four 8" square removable bats. All units fit on top of wheels with 10" bat pins. Proudly Made in Canada.

Need more bats? Purchase additional 6" Bats or 8" Bats.