Purple Underglaze Pen by Axner

TM-620 Purple Underglaze

Simple and easy to use! Each colour comes in a 1oz reusable bottle with four different metal tip sizes: 

  • Extra Fine (0.3mm),
  • Fine (0.5mm)
  • Medium (0.7mm)
  • Bold (0.9mm).

Once underglaze is applied it can still be manipulated on your clay form. You can spread it with your finger or with other tools. Get both sharply defined lines as well as soft and shaded areas, making the process similar to other paint, pastel or chalk!

Instructions for use:
Vigorously shake it in order to get the underglaze to an even consistency.
When using the Axner Underglaze Pen, maintain a small amount of squeezing pressure on the pen as you move the tip over the clay surface.
The metal tips create their own thread as they screw onto the plastic tip of the pen. The top of the pen may be unscrewed so that the pen may be refilled.

*Keep this metal pin in the tip when the pen is not in use. If your tip does become clogged, run the pin and water through it to clean the passage way.