Removeable Wax Off Resist by Mr. Mark's

Mr. Mark's Removable Wax Off Resist is a wax we have created for potters and decorative artists. It is designed to be painted on like regular wax, but can easily be peeled away. The removal is simple and can be done in a short period of time. This allows for endless possibilities in design as well as layering. Our Wax Off! Resist drys in 5-10 minutes depending on how thick you put it on. It drys darker than it appears when wet (so you know when it's ready). It can even be applied to spots on your bisque ware that have already been dipped in glaze without lifting away the glaze. On top of all that it's affordable! You will never have to be afraid of dripping wax on your pots and being stuck with a waxing mistake again: now you can just peel it away!

Please note you must remove the Wax Off product from your pieces before firing.

Helpful Hint: By resting your brush in soapy water while you are working with Wax Off, you will preserve the life of your brush. Clean your brushes with soap and water after use. dish soap works great.

There are no commercial preservatives in this product to prevent it from freezing. If your area of the world is freezing, this product may harden when exposed. There are no refunds if this happens. Please be aware of your local weather.