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Pottery Makes you Smarter.

Because of Neuroplasticity

Written by Claire O'Connor and published in Ceramic Arts Daily

Here's just a little clip from it, but you can read the whole piece here.

Want to be smarter? Sign up for a class! If you're in the Kingston, Ontario area you can learn about our pottery classes here. If not we encourage you to find a local potter in your area or you can order some clay and learn from the wonderful World Wide Web!

Thanks to advances in technology, researchers have discovered that the adult brain is not a done deal - formed in childhood and then forever set on “auto pilot”. NO – not hardwired - we now know that the brain is constantly changing as we think, learn and act. The most recent theory – neuroplasticity – says that new knowledge and skills increase the number of brain cells, the way they are organized and the pathways between the existing and new brain cells. As we learn, think and do, our brains become more powerful, more adaptable and more efficient. Our brain become better at what it does.
And there’s more. When you change the brain’s activity by learning a new skill, the pay off is
higher than if you keep using the skill you already have.
One authority states “we should be focusing on immersing ourselves into
new hobbies or activities every couple of years”.


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