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Meet The Locals: Jackie Jamieson

I sat down with none other than Jackie Jamieson earlier this week for our Meet The Locals Series to talk pottery, life and what it’s really like being a creative entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jackie headed to Vancouver after studying at St. Lawrence College to work with addicts living on the streets. She found an outlet for this draining work in pottery and soon joined the Vancouver Potters Guild. Inspired by a local artist creating small figurines, she began a life long love affair with the arts.

Back in Kingston, Jackie focused her efforts on design. Most Kingstonians may remember her stores All That Jazz - where she handmade clothing for retail but also outfitted Kingston's very own The Tragically Hip and her bead store Carriageway Beadery - a Kingston first.

All photos curtesy of Jackie Jamieson


Jackie returned to pottery in 1994 and hasn’t looked back. Immersing herself in pottery books, conferences and classes, Jackie happily admits she is a self-taught potter and her undeniable talent and diversity is apparent in everything she touches. You could easily call her famous. Having sold pieces around the world, many of her clients have become collectors, some owning up to 30 pieces.

The characters she creates are not only beautiful, but they are creations that come from her soul. She is inspired by nature and creates pieces that are inspirational and provoke mindful imagery.


All photos curtesy of Jackie Jamieson


Her style is unique but so is her process. As a self-taught potter, Jackie bucks the norm and has raised a few eyebrows along the way but is never bothered by the chatter. She loves to teach beginners and she herself learns and grows  through their work. She teaches some of her throwing class with her eyes closed to reinforce the importance of feeling the clay noting that everyone throws differently. She describes teaching as "a bowl of granola, you reach in and never know what you're going to get."

When I asked her about the difference between pottery and the characters she creates, Jackie said that the pottery was like rehearsing lines for a play, but the characters were like being on stage; a true artistic release. Art is definitely in her soul and she can't help but create. Not having a day spent creating would probably induce a massive amount of anxiety.


All photos curtesy of Jackie Jamieson


Although Jackie has her own home studio, she loves to refer people to Amaranth Stoneware to fire their pieces if they don't have access to a kiln. She loves the relaxed attitude and believes Amaranth is a place where potters can let it go and focus on creating their pieces.


All photos curtesy of Jackie Jamieson


What's next for Jackie? She’ll be throwing at Fort Henry starting June 2017 for her not to be missed solo show.

I could have listened to Jackie talk for hours! I left our meeting inspired to create and hoping our paths would cross again.

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