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John Britt Workshop

When famous potter John Britt came to Canada in April, it was a no brainer for Gerald to attend the workshop held at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre.

Gerald first discovered the famous potter on Youtube and was immediately impressed with his knowledge and skill set. The 2-day workshop did not disappoint!


Creating test tiles for the workshop




The education came at the attendees like a tsunami and days were filled to the last possible minute with what could only be described as “incredible” information.

John’s teaching skills were adaptable to all levels. He was accessible, responsive and truly had his finger on the pulse of the glaze that runs through potter’s veins. Sharing 40+ glaze bases (years worth of work for most) that were tested and proven really inspired Gerald to get back to basics and upon return to Amaranth Stoneware, he completed a bench overhaul!


           Before                                                        After 




Here are the top 5 things learned at the John Britt workshop:

  1. Keep everything organized
  2. Know what you have
  3. Read read read - educate yourself
  4. Get involved - social media, groups
  5. Don’t be afraid - it’s easier than making a cake!

Overall, the experience of attending the John Britt workshop was downright fun and a must for anyone interested in broadening their glazing horizons. 

John Britt is a studio potter in North Carolina who has worked and taught internationally and authored 2 books on glazing.

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